To impact holistically and effectively the communities that make up our diocese and beyond; to put their faith in Jesus Christ and disciplined to willingly serve God and humanity
  • We would like to see a work force that is well trained and who in humble obedience proclaims the good news enthusiastically
  • We would like to see a vibrant youth group that can draw 1000 attendees every week meeting to win their generation for Christ and help improve their lives.
  • To see a Men Christian Fellowship that is convinced and powerful enough to challenge obnoxious cultural and traditional practices
  • To see a well developed and equipped Retreat centre where the body of Christ can draw Spiritual resources
  • We Dream to see Mission Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools in strategic places within our Diocese to each Christian Values from cradle
  • We dream to see the communities around us able to access portable drinking water and living in sanitary improved environment.
  • To be able to provide Mission Hospitals/Maternities to ensure health minds in healthy bodies