Beloved people of God, I greet you all in the peerless name of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ. Please be reminded that our synod this year 2020 is just 4days away...Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and then Thursday 10th September the beginning of the SYNOD.
THEME: "Seek First The Kingdom Of God And His Righteousness " (Matt. 6:33).
Venue: St Peter's Church Agbalenyi Nachi.
DATE: Thursday 10th - Sunday 13th September, 2020.
You are cordially invited on..
Friday 11th Sept during the Bishop's Charge by 10.30am & on Sunday13th which is the synod Thanksgiving & Development launching by 10am.

  1. Pray that the message of the Synod theme wll be made clear and understandable to everyone.
  2. Pray for good health and safety for all delegates..journey mercies to all travellers.
  3. Pray for a good, overall success of the Synod.
  4. Pray for God's ever abiding presence, that His Face will continually watch over us before, during and after the Synod.
  5. Finally pray that God will use you to support the Synod both Morally and Financially.
I count on your support as always. Thank you and God bless you all. SHALOM!!! Your Bishop and Friend +Chijioke Udi. For those who can not make it to the Synod physically and those who wish to support electronically below are our bank details;

Acct. No: 4622016259
Acct. Name: Diocese of Udi Anglican Communion.

Acct. No: 2020951650.
Acct. Name:Diocese of Udi (Anglican Communion) project fund.


I welcome you to the corporate website of the Diocese of Udi Anglican Communion. The availability of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has opened a global opportunity which the church must not ignore. Times have changed and it is our heartfelts conviction that if the church must remain relevant to the needs of today, it must step unto the Information Technology Era.
This is why we are here to help you discover more about our Diocese, the Ministry and works we are engaged in, and in keeping with our vision and mission of "The Way Forward" in the Diocese and more importantly to present Christ to this generation and to heal our world through the simple message of the gospel as we await the Lord's second coming.

Our focus is to restore the falling nature of man through the life transforming activities we shall be uploading here.

We hope that you will become a regular visitor to the site.

Thanks and God bless you.

+Chijioke - Udi

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