Chief Eneagu-Eze received the team comprising Archdeacon G.T. Basden, Rev. I.U. Ejindu and William Okafor, when the evangrlical party arrived Obinagu town in 1916. Church service was held in the Chief’s house and with his consent, William Okafor was left to reside with the chief. But that initial effort failed to take root until 1918 when another visiting team succeeded with the help of Chief Aguano-Ene of Umuota who not only received the evangelists, but offered a housing accommodation to Mr. Abel Okudu- the church teacher. Church services and school were conducted in the Chief’s house. That was the early beginning of St. John’s Church, Obinagu. In 1920, St. Stephen’s church Obinagu was established in Owa Village Obinagu, having been found by Chief Alia whose son Benjamin Okoli Alia was Obinagu’s first church teacher. In 1944, the two churches were merged to form Holy Trinity church, Obinagu. The merged following rationalization proposal made by Awka College students who had come on outreach assignment. Holy Trinity was chosen as fitting reflection of the three major village components in Obinagu, namely Umuenboagu, Enugwueze and Akpulu. Early converts include Daniel Okoh, Samson Aroh, Elizabeth Aroh, John Okeke, Francis Chime, Abraham Onuyia, Mary Onyiaifi and Michael Nebo. The Parish was elevated to Archdeaconry status as Udi East Archdeaconry in May 2010. Two new churches were planted namely: St. Andrews’ Agbudu and St. Mark’s Onuchukwu, Obinagu/ Ven. N.C. Eze was the pioneer Archdeacon of the Archdeaconry.


One of the employees of the Native Authority that came to Udi in 1914 wa Mr. Joshua Ashara a native of Ogbomosho in Oyo State of Western, Nigeria. He was an ardent Christian. He tried to locate any church in Udi but found none. He felt that the situation challenged him to embark on home visitation evangelism and with his son by his side they moved from village to village. Later he asked Chief Owo-Onyiaufo of Umunakpo, Udi, for a room in his compound for church service and Bible Study. This arrangement brought together some workers in the employ of government to thr CMS and the converts came together on Sundays . When the room became too small for the growing number of converts and others, they shifted to Nkoloezi square an open place without shelter, except an apple tree which gave them shade from the sun but not from the rain. With Chief Owoh’s help they relocated to Okpubeke in Amahu village. In 1917, Rev. Isaac Ejindu sent one Samuel Nchekwube (of Ugwuoba) to assist Ashara and finally take over from him entirely. Two small houses were built there. One was a living house and the other a church. Okpubeke was infested with termites which destroyed the two thatch-houses within a year and half. So, Chief Owoh’s help came by re-locating them to Oka Umuchine Ona, in Okunino village. It was a dreaded bush where the villages dumped undesirable materials. It was to be cleared of the rubbish but the idol worshippers raised objection. Courageously, the converts moved in and completely evacuated everything they found. When nobody suffered any harm as a result of clearing the bad bush, the idol worshippers were amazed. A church house was built for the church teacher(for agent teachers they were then called). Frontline converts started to denounce the evil practices going on all round , e.g killing of twins, using charms to harm innocent people, idol worship and mindless oppression of widows and orphans. Although they did not take kindly with the Christian campaigns, the church did not relent. St. Stephen’s has made progress in many areas since it came to be 91 years ago. In 1970, it became the parish headquarters and as a result of evangelical growth I the dioceses, it has grown into an Archdeaconry headquarters.
Agents(of church teachers) who served at Stephen’s church were:
1. Mr. Samuel Nchekwube(fondly called Sam Okpubeke)
2. Mr. Stephen Umeanuka
3. Mr. Simon EEmenike
4. Mr. James Nwankwo
5. Mr. David Aniegbu
6. Mr. Nathan Aniegbu
7. Mr. Michael Okonkwo
The catechist who served were:
1. Mr. Josiah C. Jideani He was the first catechist posted to St. Stephen’s Udi. He built the first church to be roofed with corrugated iron sheets. He was first to build maternity home and the first welfare centre at St. Stephen’s Udi without hiring outside labor for those structures because he was both a carpenter and a mason. Bishop Labbbrey commissioned the structure in 1942.
2. Mr. J.I. Ike
3. Mr. J.N. Okeke
4. Mr. S.O Obiukwu (now Rev.Canon S. Obiukwu)
5. Mr.Nwachukwu Ngene(now Ven.N.Ngene)
6. Mr. Ernest Aneke (now Ven. Ernest Aneke)
7. Mr. S.E. Nehutanya (now Rev.S.E. Nehutanya)
8. Mr. Benneth Ozoekwe
9. Mr. Josiah Igbo
The Deacons who served Udi included:
- Fred Onyemanusi
- Louis Nebo(Rev. L. Nebo) In 1976,
St. Stephen’s qualified to have Resident priest and the following priest served:
1. Rev. J.C. Ejim 1970
2. Rev. David Ogbonna 1973-1975
3. Rev. J.R.N. Okoli 1976-1980
4. Rev. E.C.B Ozigbo 1981-1985 Rev. E.C.B Ezigbo achieved the feat of securing four parcels of land on which the present church building stands without paying a penny for them.
5. Rev. C.O Ezeonyeodi 1985-1990
6. Rev. D.O Nweze (late) 1991-1993
7. Rev.B.O. Nnaji(now venerable) 1994-1997
8. Ven. A.N. Onuaguluchi 1997-1998
9. Rev. Amos M. Ajogwu(now venerable) 1998-1999
10. Rev. Canon L.O. Akunna 1999-2000
11. Rev. Louis Nebo (May, 2001-Aug.2001)
12. Rev. Henry I. Ibeanusi(now Venerable) 2001-2004
13. Rev. Frederick E. Mgbemena 2004-2007 (now Archdeaconry Emeritus)
14. Rev. Canon C.S. Abunanya(late) 2007

St. Stephen’s enjoyed the services of:
1. Ven.C.O. Aneke(now Rtd.) 2008
2. Rev.S.S.N. Ezeanioma 2008
3. Church Teacher – Francis Ikeaguonu 2007(late)
4. Ven. N.F.O. Elem(Rtd.)
5. Ven. T.N. Igwenagu(now serves as the Archdeacon of the Archdeaconry)
St. Stephen’s owes a lot of gratitude to the following fearless and resilient early converts for their industry: Lob Ezenta, Amos Aneke, James Aneke, Timothy Igwume, David Eze, Hezekiah Alio, Daniel Okpayi, Isaiah Owo and Peter Udeji.

Udi South Missionary Archdeaconry

St. Peter's Anglican Church Agbalaenyi St.

Peter's Anglican Church Agbalaenyi was established in 1954 Presently it is the Archdeaconry Head Quaiters of Udi South Archdeaconry. And it is located a little off old Enugu-Onitsha road, within Oji River Load Government Area According to Ecclesiastical boundary, is within Diocese of Udi.

Anglican Church Ugwunzu Anglican Church Ugwunzu was planted in 2011.located at L'gwunzu Oji-River.

- Rev'd Canon Engr. Godwin C. Aneke - Administrator of Ldi South Archdeaconry.
- Rev'd Emmanuel Aguogbanuzo - Deacon
- Pst. Chri stain Eneh - Pastor
- Pst. Benjamin chime - Pastor
- Miss Grace Ozoeneh - Clerk

- Rev'd Christian Eze

ACCOUNT NAME: - St. Peter's Ang. church Agbalaenyi.
ACCOUNT NO: - 2021418653


-Bible Study 8.00am
- Children Service 8.30am
- Sunday Service 9.00am
- House fellowship 5.00pm

-MondayClass -4.00pm

- EFAC Fellowship 4.00pm

- Morning Holy communion Service 5 ..00am
- Liberation Hour 9.00am
- Prayer Team
- Bible Study Preparatory

-Men's Christian Fellows flip -5.00pm
- Choir Practice • 8.00am e

- Young Anglican Crusade 4.00pm
-Girl's Guild 4.00pm

– Church Cleaning 6.00am
-B.B and G.B Practice 5.30pm
-Gospel Band Practice 7.00pm

Cross over night is every last day of the month.
- Non Denominational fellowship and counseling organized eveiy Wednesday to meet the spiritual needs of the community.
- Group House Fellowship is every Wednesday Eke
- Morning prayer is every morning except Wednesday and Siindiy.

St. Peter's Aiglican Church under Udi West Archdeaconry hosted for the first time the Diocesan Men Christian Fellowship Conference Oin November 2013.

The Church building is still under construction. However, we believe God for the fund to complete then PVC ceiling, plastering, tiling and painting of the church building to get to get it ready fo dedication soonest. You can make yourself instrumental to this great dream and be assured of God's blessings.

Acquiring a land for our Newly planted Church at Ugwunzu Oji River Local Government Area. 5.






Cathedral Church Of Emmanuel is located at Umuabi in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State Nigeria.
Established in 1917, became the Cathedral of Udi Diocese on 14th January, 2009.

Account Number: 2012695702
Account Name: Cathedral Church of Emmanuel Umuabi
Bank Name: First Bank PLC Branch: 9th Mile Corner Ngwo.

Email Address: CathedralChurchOfEmmanuel@Yahoo.Com
P.O.BOX 30

Rev. Can. O.V. Chukwuemeka -Cathedral Administrator
Rev. Can. E.C.N. Ejike - Priest
Rev. S.S.N. Ezeanioma - Priest
Rev. Chukwunonso Emetaghi - Priest
Mrs. Ijeoma Nebo - Clerk

Ven. A.I. Eneasator.........Udi Diocese
Ven. Levi. Ubagu............ .Enugu North Diocese
Ven. H.N. Ezeodili:...........Udi Diocese
Rev. Can. Ezenwaji...........Nike Diocese
Rev. S.S.N. Ezeanioma......Udi Diocese
Rev. A. Z.Onyia................Udi Diocese
Rev. Chidi Aneke..............Ihiala Diocese
Rev. Chukwudi Eneasator.. .Enugu Diocese
Rev. Nwaigwe Obiamaka ....Awgu/Aniniri Diocese
Rev. ThankGod Agu.........Abakaliki Diocese
Rev. Chukwunonso Ani......Afikpo Diocese
Rev Robinson Aniatu........Enugu Diocese


-Bible Study.........8.00am
Children Service....8.00am
Sunday Service.....9.00am
Revival Hour.......@5.00pm

A.Y.F. Meeting/Fellowship @4.00pm
A.C.M. Monday Class @4.00pm

EFAC Fellowship@4.00pm

Early Morning Holy Communion Service @ 5.00am
Libration Hour @ 9.00am
Prayers/Counseling @ 1.00pm

Choir Practice @ 5.00pm
Gospel Band Practice @ 7.pm-10pm
Boys/Girls Brigade @ 4.00pm
Confirmation/Admission class @ 4.00pm

.Adult bible study class @ 5.30pm
Girls Guild meeting/Fellowship @ 4.00pm

General compound cleaning @ 7.00am
Bible study preparatory for bible study leaders @ 5.00pm

Monthly prayer breakfast to begin a new month.
Visitations to hospitals/the less privileges/widows
Librations hour to meet the spiritual needs of the
Committee MCF house fellowship is on every Tuesday Eke @4pm
Every 2nd Sunday we have English service @ 6.00am and matins @ 9.00am
3d Sunday is variety Sunday.

Synod: First Session of the First Synod at the Cathedral in 2009
Diocesan Women Conferences: held in November, 2012.

The Cathedral building is still ongoing, the filing, wings, the flower, wiring and land scalping has to be done. We plead for your support as we hope for Cathedral will be dedicated soon.

Lack of enough accommodations for workers Lack of access road to the Cathedral Church. BLESSING: I prophetically declare that every closed door over your life to be open and let divine plan for you come to pass. (Shout 7 Amen to seal the prophecy.)


St Peter's Parish, Amaji Umuabi

St Peter's Church Amaji Umuabi is located at the Southern Part of Umuabi Town in Udi L.G.A and Udi Diocese. Established in 1924.

St Peter's Anglican Church Amaji, Umuabi shall be, under God, strictly bible based, spiritually healthy and committed to dynamic, unflinching and radical evangelism of all and where every concerned member's welfare is the concern of all and where every concerned member is a soul-winner.

Christ the Rock off our salvation.

Rev Canon B.O. Chukwu -Vicar
Pst Sunday Ugwu – Pastor
Mrs Ifeoma Eze - Parish clerk

Ven. T.N. Igwenagu - Udi Diocese
Rev. Ifeanyi Agu – Enugu Diocese

A/C NO. 2002629845 (St Peter's Church, Amaji Umuabi)
Mainstreet Bank A/c No 6000027123

Sunday Bible study -8.00am
Children Service - 9.00am
Adult Service - 9.00am
Evensong/follow-up - 5.00pm
AYF Prayer meeting - 8: 00 pm

ACM Monday class - 4.00pm

EFAC fellowship / Bible study 4.00pm

Mid week prayer /communion service – 5:30am

Confirmation class - 4pm
Girls Guild meeting 6pm
Thursday Eke Women General meeting
MCF House fellowship 4pm

Communicant class - 6.00am,
AYF meeting (Band practice 8pm Last Friday Power Night 9.00pm

General church compound cleaning - 8.00am
Boys and Girls Brigade meeting - 4.00pm
Band /choir practice - 7.00pm

- Morning prayers everyday at 5.80am except on Wednesdays, and Sundays.
Cross-over night takes place every last day of the month at 9.00pm.
Wednesday s Counseling at 10am and A day with the Lord every Wednesday Eke at 9.00am.

The church building construction has reached advanced stage. We believe God that the ceiling, painting and completion of bafry will get it ready for dedication soonest. Also the fencing of the church land will commence very soon as blocks are being moulded for that.

St John's Anglican Church, Parish, Umuaga

Location: The Church is located at the upper Umuaga commonly called Imama Umuaga

The church was established in 1918 following the C.M.S missionary work and evangelism.

Weekly Activities:
Apart from Morning Prayers, other activities are

Monday Class for children,
EFAC Fellowship on Tuesday,
mid¬week fellowship & hour of prayers on Wednesday,
M..C.F Fellowship on Thursday and General Bible Study on Friday.

Special Activities:
There are various special activities of the church. Some of these are quarterly prayer network, — done quarterly, alone with God every Wednesday Eke of the month,
mid-year prayer explosion,
Flour of mercy every Wednesday at 9am,
cross-over night every last day, of the month, and general night vigil.

The staff is made up of a Vicar, a Curate, a Clerk and a Yard woman. The staff members are not all living in the Church compound due to lack of accommodation.

On the average since 2012 we have up to 180 on Sunday services and 15-35 on other weekly activities. Many of our adult members are living abroad alongside with the greater number of our youths who are their parents. Some of our abroad members do come home from time to contribute to the growth of the church. This has helped us greatly.

Since the establishment of the church, either during the time of Enugu Diocese or Oji-river diocese, and more recently Udi Diocese, The Church as old Parish, never hosted the Diocesan Synod or the Diocesan Women Conference. However, she hosted the Diocesan Girls' Guild Conference in 2010. By the grace of God the Church will host the 2014 diocesan women conference here at St. John's Church Parish. We are looking forward that the occasion will be of a great value to the entire church and of the town.

The church is blessed with indigenous priest serving in various Dioceses within the church of Nigeria.^ Revd. Canon J.LB Chijioke of the blessed memory was the first others are canon ejike Ezenwome - Enugu Diocese, Rev. Agu-Minna Diocese, Rev. Uzoma Ezeokpo who is serving at Uyo Diocese, Rev. Amaechi Eze Agwu/Aninri - by the grace of God, they are all doing well in their various Diocese - thanks be to God.

Account No of the Church.
Parish Account = 3034284945
Project Account = 2009673483

Projects of the Church
The church has some projects.
The church hall has almost been completely roofed, other things in the church has not been done; Electricity, Ceiling, Plastering, German flooring, Tiling the windows* and the doors.
These are projects that we need urgently to be completed before the Diocesan Women Conference in October. The other project is the new parsonage. The project has been there in the past ten years. This project would have been completed but due to financial constraints, it has not been so. If the new parsonage is put into use, it will remove the accommodation problem being experienced by the parish staff. You can be of help to us by giving us your financial assistance. God bless.

The greater challenge we have is the Nkwo Market day When there is any activity in the church and it is an Nkwo day, little or nobody will be in attendance. Our people still lack spirit of dedication and commitment. Sometimes, there is an eternal war within the family and can go all out to solve the problem without involving the church to help or assist in bringing the situation under control. The church will continue to be an institution or a hospital, where sinners are cured of their sinfulness nature, thus bringing positive solution to all and sundry.

Apart from the ongoing challenges, God has confirmed to bless us immensely. Our members are now challenged to make a concrete and permanent decision in serving the lord, this has brought growth, man and woman are taught how to be relevant to God in their lives, and this has been wonderful as they are being encouraged to come to weekly activities which they do with joy. There are many new homes both at home and abroad, our children are gaining are gaining "admission into various universities, polytechnics and colleges of education. Those who have graduated are planning for their 1 year N.Y.S[.C young girls are getting married as well as our members to pledge their support in the ongoing projects in the church. We are looking forward that in no distant time, it will come to fruition. God bless Yen Sunday Ikechukwu Okoli


Udi North Archdeaconry

St. John's Church Obioma.

St. John's Church Obioma is located along Old Enugu/Onitsha Road, just count two towns after 9th Mile Corner; Udi Local Government Area. According to Ecclesiastical boundary is within Diocese of Udi.
St. John's Church Obioma was established in 2002.

Church Staff:
Revd. Osinachukwu F. Onyiba-Curate.
The Headquarter: St. Luke's Church, Abia
Indigenous Priests: Rt. Revd. Chijioke A. Aneke.
Anglican Bishop of Udi Rev. Can. Engr. Godwin Aneke. Rev. Shedrack Okonkwo Priest in Making: Ord. Stephen Allor.

Church Account Number: 2009270002
Account Name: St. John's Ang. Church Obioma
Name of Bank: First Bank Nig. Plc.

Weekly Activities:

Bible Study 8:00am
Children Service 9:00am
Sunday Services 9:00am
Revival Hours/Evangelism house to house 4:30pm
A.C.M. fellowship 4:00pm

A.C.M. Class 4:00pm

EFAC Bible Study 4:00pm

Mid-day Prayer 9:00am

Confirmation Class 4:00pm

Prayer Team Meeting 10:00pm
Bible Study Preparatory 9:00pm
Choir Practice 9;00pm

Compound Cleaning 7:00am

Other Activities:
Holy Communion Celebration every 1st Sunday within service.
Set apart as directed by Holy Spirit.
Crossover night is every last day of the month.
Women Forum once every two month.
Evangelism/outreach to villages.

St. John's Anglican Church had held a lots of conferences within the Parish outstanding is that of last year 2013, Parish Women Conference.

Ongoing Project:
As it please the Lord Almighty, the Church building is under construction hence she looks forward to finish plastering it, then engage in ceiling & tile the floor wherefore ready for dedication.

Project Yet to Commence:
Parsonage building for the Priest & other workers in the Church will start soonest hence if the Lord is leading you to be a contributor to this Divine project, due well to indicate God's blessings shall be upon you Amen.

Increase in the strength of our numerical church members.
Acquiring of more lands.



Founded in 1995

i. Children – 72
ii. Youth – 104
iii. Adult male – 96
iv. Adult female – 124
Total - 396 3.

Women Ministry Girl’s Guild


• Monday
ACM class by 4pm

• Tuesday
EFAC fellowship by 4pm

• Wednesday
Healing service by 4pm

• Thursday
Confirmation class by 4pm

• Friday
class by 5.30am

• Saturday
MCF by 4pm

• Sunday
Adult bible study by 8.15am

The new church building has reached the linter level

Rev. Elijah Ezinwa
Mrs. Ifeoma Ezinwa – Leader Women Ministry

i. PCC Secretary – Mr. Alex Eze
ii. Financial Secretary – Mr. Neboth Uzochukwu
iii. Treasurer – Nneife Loius Ezeoma
iv. Pastor’s Warden – Mrs. Neboth Uzochukwu
v. People’s Warden – Mr. Chinonso Chigbo



ST. PETER’S CHURCH, NACHI. Nachi community was subjugated in 1906 by government expeditionary force that disarmed the people and broke their dame guns at Ugwuenyi-kpuluafor (Mbele Afor Chukwu). That exercise cleared the way for students visit from Awka College, under the leadership of Ven. G.T. Basden. But Daniel Olieh who had come home from CSM Awka in 1918 and attended church service in Umuaga, made desperate efforts to attract the mission to Nachi. The chiefs distrusted him just as they distrusted Awka College students – based on their negative mind-set. In 1919 however, Chief Eneoma Nwa Onyia-Ode of Umueze, Enugu-Umubo Nachi, saw sense in Daniel Olieh’s message. He therefore sent two of his trusted men (Isaac Eneoma and Chukwunweze Ezeabogu) to Chief Obele of Udi to obtain from him detailed information on how to get a church started. They returned with information that Chiefs in other Umuneke communities had got churches established and were already getting their people trained to become interpreters and clerks. Chief Eneoma consulted with other Chiefs in Nachi and after briefing them on the need to embrace the new direction, he contacted Rev. I. U. Ejindu, requesting for a church as well as a resident teacher. He also paid the required deposit of six pounds and gave an undertaking for the safety of the church teacher. Rev. I.U. Ejindu sent Anano Ogbuishi and James Agu to Onitsha by foot, to report the happy development to Bishop Lasbrey who in 1919 sent Moses Nwandu as pioneer Church/School teacher to Nachi. The Church (and school) took off at Nkolo Eneoma the same year. In 1920, after Chiefs in Nachi (Ugwunweze Nwaokuegbe; Ezeamalu and Ezenwoma Nweje) followed in the example of Chief Eneoma and established their own churches. Following advice from Awka College students on visit to Nachi, work commenced on a big project of a church building to house all the churches under the banner of St. Peter’s Church Nachi. With Emmanuel Ene (later Rev. Canon Ene) of Umuabi as Catechist, the rationalization exercise proved successful. Other catechists who made great impact and moved St. Peter’s forward included Joel Chidebelu (later Rev. Chidebelu) of Abagana; J.I. Onuigbo of Oraifite whose son Professor (Dr. Sir) Wilson I.B. Onuigbo, a Pathologist of international fame, retains the family link with Nachi. The Catechist Onuigbo will always be remembered in Nachi Community, for being a fearless worker who fought and defeated the notorious Ajagu masquerade that had terrorized the environment for years. Catechist Ezeukwu from Ozobulu; Okechukwu from Onitsha; M.I. Mbogu (later Rev. Mbogu) from Achi; I.N. Onwurah (later Rev. Onwurah) from Akugoeze and Okeke from Ndikelionwu. Nachi became a Parish with Rev. C.C. Abani, soon after the civil war; and a succession of Priests has since then worked in St. Peter’s Nachi that became the Headquarters of Udi West Archdeaconry in Oji River Diocese, on 25th August 2001. St. Peter’s Church Nachi was fortunate to have hosted the foundation Bishop of Oji River the Rt. Rev. A.A. Madu for three and half years, from the inception of the Diocese in 1999. The following churches were founded by St. Peter’s Church Nachi 1) St. Peter’s Church Agbalaenyi-Nachi which started as St. Peter’s Church Extension in 1954, courtesy the Women Conference of St. Peter’s Nachi, with the support of Catechist Lazarus Ezechi; Moses Agu Josiah Obi and Cleopas Ezedibia. 2) St. Andrew’s Church Obinagu Nachi, which was established in 1979, under the auspices of Chief Alfred Ezinwa, Chief Reuben Ezechukwu and Mr. Edmund Oche. Women Conference, St. Peter’s Nachi had in 1982 provided take-off grant for the project, which was actualized in 1985 with Rev. Canon Walter Ukelegheanya (later Venerable Ukeleghereanya) as superintendent. 3) St. James’ Church Nachi founded under Rev. C.S. Abananya 4) Church of the Pentecost Nachi founded in 2002 5) Ang. Church Ugwunzu founded in 2011 St. Peter’s Church Nachi helped to find and or nurture several churches in what is now Ezeagu Archdeaconry (Oji River Diocese) which had formed part of Nachi Parish.

Children.................. 98
Female Adults.........432
Male Adults........... 341
Total...................... 871

Theme: “A closer walk with God” (Gen. 5:22, 6:9) Jan. 6th – 26th Universal week of prayer/21 days in his presence.
March 5th Ash Wednesday at 4pm.
March Lenten meditation in Parish levels.
April 14th – 6th Easter Revival: Theme: Walking closely with God through Christian Giving: (Mal. 3:10).
April 28th – 30th Church Retreat: Theme: Walking closely with God through his word. (Josh. 1:8).
May 15th – 18th Retreat/Revival: Theme: Walking closely with God through fellowship. (Heb. 10:25).
June 1st – 30th 30 days in his presence: June my month of possibilities in God through prayer and praises: Topic: In close walk with God through prayer and praises” – a Jehoshephat and Jericho wall experience.
June 15th Fathers’ Sunday celebration.
June 28 - 30th St. Peter the Apostle: 3 day teaching on Peter the Apostle (Grand finale).
July 24th -27th Evangelism Retreat: Theme: Walking closely with God through the Great Commission (Mark 16:14-15).
August 3rd – 4th Conferences prayer wave: Theme: The prayer of the righteous availeth much: (James 5:13-16)
Sept 21st – 24th Church Revival: Theme: Walking with God through Good work and Holy Living. (Eph. 2:9-10)
Oct 13th – 16th Teaching: Topic: Walking with God in partnership with the Holy Spirit. (Acts 1:8)
Nov 27th – 29th Church Crusade: Theme: “A 300 years walk with God” (Gen. 5:23).
Dec 14th – 16th Advent Retreat: Theme: Walking closely with God person of Jesus Christ. (Heb. 1:1-3)


• Monday
Class for the ACM Fellowship.

• Mid week liberation hour on Wednesdays at 4pm.
• Mid week Holy Communion Service at 5.30am.
• Wednesday Eke monthly healing service.

• Men’s Christian fellowship (MCF) on Thursdays by 4pm.

• Friday Bible class at 5.30am

• Sunday Service with Bible Sunday School at 9am
• Healing/Miracle service every last Sunday

• P.C.C. monthly meeting on last Saturdays at 4pm.
• The women ministry runs various fellowships meeting for the Girls Guild, Women’s Guild, Mother’s Union, Widows and General Women fellowship.


Ven. Nathan C. Eze – Archdeacon/Vicar
Mrs. Winifred N Eze – Archdeacon’s wife and Archdeaconry Women President
Rev. Innocent Eze – Curate
Rev. Robinson Onyia – Deacon
Miss Nwamaka Nwachineke - Clerk
B Agunweze (PhD) PCC. Sec.
Mr. Victor Agu – Pastor’s Warden
Mr. Polycarp Ezinwa – Peoples Warden.
Ezinne Veronica Ezedibia – Treasurer
Mr. Forster Eze – Fin. Sec. Ven. Nathan C. Eze (Archdeacon/Vicar).



Founded in 1979.
i. Chief Alfred U. Ezinwa
ii. Chief Reuben Ezechukwu
iii. Chief Edmund Oche

i. Children – 98
ii. Youth – 182
iii. Adult male – 102
iv. Adult female – 168
Total - 550

Women Ministry Girl’s Guild

i. The church building needs minor finishing touches to be ready for dedication anytime this year
ii. There is plan also to start a new parsonage situated in the new church premises.

Rev Canon Benjamin Abia – Vicar
Rev Okechukwu Okonkwo – Curate
Mrs. Joy C. Abia – Women ministry leader
Mrs. Eucharia Okonkwo – Curate’s wife

PCC Secretary – Mrs. Anayo Uzo
Financial Secretary – Lady Angelina Ezeano
Treasurer – Mr. Raphael Ugwu
Pastor’s warden – Lay Reader Godwin Eze
People’s warden – Mr. Loius Orji


The church was founded by St. Peter’s Church Nachi Parish on 19th May 2002 on whit Sunday by Ven. C.O. Aneke, Rev. B.O. Chukwu and Rev. R.O. Ifesinachi
The numerical strength is:-
Men – 22
Women – 40
Children – 25
Youths – 20


– Intercessory prayer

– EFAC fellowship

– Revival programme

– Evangelism & Visitations

– Friday bible class/A.C.M class

– Church cleaning

- Martins Last days of the month
– Cross over night.

Pastor Makuochukwu Chijioke (Pastor i/c)
Mrs. Nkechi Chijioke (Women Leader)